Thursday, November 8, 2012

Top Chef Season 10 - Seattle

The new season of Top Chef just started yesterday and I just want to say that from all the food competition shows out there Top Chef is my favorite. I am, however, questioning as to why that is. Padma? Maybe, but that's not it. Especially considering that she wasn't even in the first episode. I was rattling my brain about this since I watched the premier last night, DVRed of course. No commercials for me.

What I came up with is that it is not just one thing, but rather a combination of many. New challenges, interesting locations, different personalities, the way that it's shot and cut just makes for good television. Comparatively there is Hell's Kitchen. Similar format, but oh so different. One thing I noticed in Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen is that season to season you have the exact same cast of characters. The people change, but the characters are the same. There's the quiet guy, the fat guy, the bitchy chick, and so one. You can almost predict the winner from the first 15 minutes. On the flip side you can also predict who is going to be the first to go based solely on the entertainment value of their personality. Type F personalities which make you want to spork yourself after the first episode. This is what I do not see, at least for now, in Top Chef. Chefs on Top Chef are of a different caliber. Truly talented. Of course only time will tell what the Seattle season will bring.

There are many other similar "reality" food shows out there, but the top three for me would have to be Top Chef, Next Iron Chef (new season started last week) and well, that's about it. These are in my humble opinion the cream of the crop.I guess that would actually make it top 2. I hope you watch and comment.

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